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    We also offer training, to help you and your staff negotiate similar issues in the future..

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Workplace Mediation - Everyone Wins

WorkResolve aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations. We solve conflict management problems for HR Departments and businesses. We are the experts in preventing and resolving conflict.

About Us

WorkResolve provides a specialist suite of conflict resolution and management tools. These cater directly to HR Departments and businesses. Also to Peak Bodies, Unions and Industry Groups and individuals.

We work with you to provide clarity. This will in turn provide a path whereby you can make powerful choices to create effective, productive and harmonious work environments.

Our mediators are hand-picked for their expertise. Our range of specialist conflict resolution knowledge ensures that you are able to choose a dispute resolution expert specific to your unique needs.

We adhere to the highest standards of practice which, together with our accredited expert knowledge, ensure that you have the best possible opportunity of reaching the right outcome for you.

Our conflict resolution services include:


  • workplace mediation
  • facilitated discussions
  • dispute system design


  • workplace inquries
  • workplace investigations
  • compliance


  • diagnostic profiling
  • aligning and focusing teams
  • facilitating common goals


  • tailored training programs
  • individual conflict coaching

conflict resolution brisbaneWe provide mediators who understand your problems. Mediators you can trust, and relate to on a one-on-one level. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible solution; we talk to all parties in the conflict, and make sure everyone is being heard.

Our job is to open the channels of communication. To put some clarity into the way forward, and to take the headaches and costs out of your disputes. Talk to a mediator today. You may be surprised how effective it is.

Got a workplace problem? Call WorkResolve on 1300 633 428 or click here to email your enquiry.