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Workplace Inquiries

Workplace inquiries are conducted where you may not be sure what is happening and to determine whether conducting a workplace investigation is warranted. 

We interview the complainant, the manager or HR professional responsible for the complainant employee, and assess what interventions have been conducted and advise about what other interventions may be warranted, taking into consideration your policies and procedures and your external obligations.

The benefit of a workplace inquiry is it provides clarity and direction.  If a workplace investigation is recommended then the scope of the works are already defined by the inquiry, including:

  • The allegations are defined
  • Witnesses identified
  • Clarity over potential breaches of policies & procedures
  • Recommendations

Workplace inquiries give an accurate assessment of what is happening and a pathway to resolution.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are required where an employee may have raised allegations against another employee that they may have breached an internal policy / procedure or an external regulation that they are compelled to comply with.

Workplace investigations are conducted in accordance with procedural fairness principles.  In particular, our investigations are:

  • Conducted by an independent and impartial investigator,
  • Both complainant and respondent are given an opportunity to be listened to and respond to allegations,
  • Findings are based on the information / evidence collected

Our workplace investigations will give you certainty and clarity to be able to make good workplace decisions.

Workplace Compliance

Workplace compliance involves reviewing your current policies and procedures and making sure that they are compliant, we recommend any changes to those where required, and we execute training around any of those changes. 

We also assist you to meet your obligations.  More particularly, we assist you to implement your current grievance or complaint mechanisms in a fair way, using standard industry practices that can withstand robust review.